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10 Best Ping Pong Paddles (Review) In 12222

Slightly less power than I expected, but helps me refine my game to fine tune for control and spin. Had it for a just a couple of weeks and had several folks in my office pool who tried it and also ordered the same. Time will tell if it holds up. But, even if it holds up for just a couple of months, I'll be ecstatic. Was really tempted to go for the Killerspin Jet , but glad I saved the dollars. This is my second order, this one for home as my son This thing works wonders for ping pong games, and honestly for the price you can't beat it.

Control is excellent, you can generate a good deal of spin and power with it. If you're a decent player and are looking for an edge without breaking the bank, this paddle is highly recommended. Again, don't expect to generate a massive amount of spin and don't expect this paddle to solve any control issues, but I would be satisfied paying 50 or 60 dollars for this paddle, to me getting Works well, son like it.

I've played with friends high end paddles that are a bit stickier and have a bit more control. For family basement ping pong this is a good choice for the money.

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I've been looking for a set of solid entry level paddles. I'm happy to report that the Stiga Performance paddles are really nice. I purchased these as a Christmas present for my kids. We have been playing with them for about a week now and they are holding up really well. The strike surface is very sticky and allows you to put some heavy spin on the ball. The glue is holding up so far too. The handles feel nice and pretty balanced. I've been really happy so far with my purchase.

I needed replacement paddles for the cheap ones that came with my table so I decided to invest a little more money in a higher quality paddle. So far I have no complaints handle feels nice and the paddle has a nice finish to it. The carrying case that it comes with will keep it protected against weathering of time for sure. Will update in a few weeks if the paddle is still good after I crush a few ping pong balls. My only suggestion is that they offer more colors for the paddle in the future. Great paddles and balls. The paddles have the right amount of spongy on the surface.

They are great for family play. The price was more than reasonable.

It offers great control as far as spin Just played a few matches with this paddle I got to say the weight feels really good. It offers great control as far as spin is concern. If you are looking for a good intermediate paddle, I would definitely recommend this one at its price point. I would buy this again!

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I bought this ping-pong racket as a gift for a friend. I know that this will be the best gift. I have the same. I really liked the racket. There is a big difference between inexpensive paddles that you start with and more advanced paddles. Three eye-catching colors—navy blue, mocha, and lime. And a bargain price. The Killerspin JET tops our list for its combination of quality, cost, and durability. This paddle has hundreds of glowing online reviews. The JET has a flared wooden handle for extra comfort, balanced weight distribution for a dependable shot every time and adherent rubber to provide extra power and spin.

This product is also packaged in a one-of-a-kind personalized memory book storage case. Inside the box is a marker and a section to write down scores of old games or personalized messages, making it a great gift for table tennis lovers. For more gift options, check out our guide to the best gifts for sports fans.

The Best Ping Pong Paddles In Reviews And Buying Guide | PingPongRuler

Buying a budget ping pong paddle can get dicey. Cheaper ping pong paddles are more likely to chip, warp, and have rubber that peels or bubbles. But EastPoints Sports 3. This paddle features a high-tack rubber design for a combination of speed and spin, and the sponge backing beneath the rubber allows it to withstand harder strikes while also providing increased ball control. While some customers did have issues with the rubber peeling, reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, and at such a low price this product can be replaced several times over the years and still be more affordable than other paddles of similar quality.

Like many major table tennis retailers, STIGA rates their paddles in three categories: power, control, and spin. They rank the Pro Carbon as their best in spin, with a perfect out of rating, and it shows. This paddle has a 7-ply extra light wooden blade, coated in rubber and two millimeters of cushioning sponge. Two internal layers of carbon give it improved rigidity and response with every strike, and the unique shock dispersion tube absorbs vibration so that all energy is transferred through the handle instead of sending a shock to your hands.

Imagine you were still learning to drive and someone put you behind the wheel of a Formula One car. Looking for another game to play at home? Check out our round-up of the best dart boards. Killerspin returns to our list but with a big makeover. The price tag for the Diamond TC RTG Premium may be steep, but compared to paddles in a similar price range, this one tops all for its combination of speed, spin, and control.

This paddle will raise your skills to the next level and provide a distinct advantage over the competition. Its blade is constructed of titanium carbon fiber and seven layers of composite wood, making your every backhand, forehand, and serve lightning quick and deadly accurate. The trickiest part of purchasing a ping pong paddle set is making sure it checks all the boxes. Some sets have quality paddles, but maybe it only comes with two paddles when you need four for family and friends to play.