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I had missed that. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. R25 Understanding Balance Sheets.

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Components and Format of the Balance Sheet 3. Current Assets and Current Liabilities 3. Current Assets 3. Current Liabilities. Property, Plant and Equipment 4. Investment Property 4. Intangible Assets 4. Goodwill 4. Financial Assets. Non-Current Liabilities. Components of Equity 6. Statement of Changes in Equity. Common-Size Analysis of the Balance Sheet 7.

Balance Sheet Ratios. R26 Understanding Cash Flow Statements.


Components and Format of the Cash Flow Statement 2. Steps in Preparing the Cash Flow Statement 3. Evaluation of the Sources and Uses of Cash 4. Cash Flow Ratios. R27 Financial Analysis Techniques. The Financial Analysis Process 2. The Objectives of the Financial Analysis Process 2. Distinguishing between Computation and Analysis. Analytical Tools and Techniques 3.

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  • Ratios 3. Common-Size Analysis 3. The Use of Graphs as an Analytical Tool 3. Regression Analysis. Common Ratios Used in Financial Analysis 4. Interpretation and Context 4. Activity Ratios 4. Liquidity Ratios 4. Solvency Ratios 4. Profitability Ratios 4. Integrated Financial Ratio Analysis. Equity Analysis 5. Valuation Ratios 5. Industry-Specific Ratios. Credit Analysis. Business and Geographic Segments.


    Model Building and Forecasting. R28 Inventories. Cost of Inventories 3. Inventory Valuation Methods 3. Specific Identification 3. Weighted Average Cost 3. Periodic versus Perpetual Inventory Systems 3. Comparison of Inventory Valuation Methods.

    LIFO Reserve 4. LIFO Liquidations. Inventory Method Changes.

    The construction of a zero-coupon yield curve by the method of bootstrapping

    Inventory Adjustments. Evaluation of Inventory Management 7. R29 Long Lived Assets. Acquisition of Long-Lived Assets 2. Property, Plant, and Equipment 2. Intangible Assets 2.

    Forward Rate Calculations: Forward Rate Agreements and Forward Foreign Exchange Rates

    Capitalization of Interest Costs. Depreciation Methods and Calculation of Depreciation Expense 3. Amortization Methods and Calculation of Amortization Expense.

    FRM: How to value an interest rate swap

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    Key Takeaways A zero coupon swap is an exchange of fixed-for-floating cash flows, but where the fixed side of the swap is paid as one lump sum when the contract reaches maturity. The variable side of the swap makes regular payments, as they would in a plain-vanilla swap. Because the fixed leg is paid as a lump sum, valuing a zero coupon swap involves determining the present value of those cash flows using a zero coupon bond's implied interest rate. Compare Investment Accounts.

    The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Terms Zero Coupon Inflation Swap Definition A zero coupon inflation swap is a derivative where a fixed rate payment on a notional amount is exchanged for a payment at the rate of inflation.

    Floating Price Definition The floating price is a leg of a swap contract that depends on a variable, including an interest rate, currency exchange rate or price of an asset. Amortizing Swap Definition An amortizing swap is an interest rate swap where the notional principal amount is reduced at the underlying fixed and floating rates. Swap Rate Definition The swap rate denotes the fixed portion of a swap as determined by an agreed benchmark and contractual agreement between party and counter-party.